Cairns – Pier

Great range of GF food on offer at North Bar and Kitchen on the Pier in Cairns.

Choice of:-3 Starters, 4 Small Plates or entree sized meals, 6 Main meals including meat and seafood, 4 side dishes and at least 2 desserts – all Gluten Free.

I ordered the Small Plate of Roasted Chicken Breast with figs, ham, fetta and green leaves and a side of Green Beans with potatoes with herb butter sauce.  Chicken meal was fresh light and tasty with certainly lots of green leaves.  The beans and potatoes were very good.

Dessert was dragonfruit ice cream which was excellent and so was the coffee.

The other coeliac in our party ordered the Seared Duck Breast and was disappointed as the duck was quite tough.

Two non coeliacs in our group ordered the GF mackerel which was a small serve but they assured me it was tasty.

I would go back again and try one of the other choices on offer.




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